One of the earliest GNU/Linux distributions was Slackware, created by Patrick Volkerding in 1993 and still maintained today Red Hat was created as a commercially orientated distribution, produced by a company headed for the stock market It remains widely adopted in the business sector, particularly in the US In contrast, the Debian project is constituted as nonprofit, focuses on community, and elects its leader annually In Europe, the SuSE and Mandrake distributions became popular, whereas some Japanese users favored Turbolinux, a version of Red Hat with Asian language support In time, hundreds of distribution projects sprang up all over the Internet Most of them were based originally on Red Hat, Debian, or Slackware, but they diverged in form and function over the years.

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So we must be talking about update operations, and therefore we must be talking about variables (circle variables, that is) What the sentence is saying, in other words, is that it s OK to have an update operation that changes the radius of a circle variable (thereby implicitly changing the location of every point on the perimeter of that circle variable), but it s not OK to have one that updates some but not all of the points on the perimeter of that circle variable Note again how much clearer it is to talk explicitly in terms of circle values and circle variables, instead of in terms of just plain old unqualified circles, which might be either 5 On the other hand, an ellipse is characterized by two focal points that in many programs can be changed independently of each other Again two comments: a.

component.addChild(loader); }

An ellipse is characterized by two focal points : I would have said rather that an ellipse can be defined as the set of all points in the plane that are such that the sum of their distances from two fixed points (the focal points or foci) is fixed in turn Hence, every ellipse has two focal points (For a circle, of course, the two focal points coincide in the center, as we already know) b [In] many programs, [the focal points] can be changed independently : OK, so here, clearly, we re talking about ellipse variables Changing one of the focal points of an ellipse is shorthand for updating an ellipse variable such that (a) the ellipse value in that variable before the update, and (b) the ellipse value in that variable after the update, differ in one of their focal points 6.

SuSE was acquired by proprietary software vendor Novell, and Mandrake became Mandriva after a trademark dispute with the Hearst Corporation (owners of the rights to comic strip Mandrake the Magician ) In recent times, the Debian-based Ubuntu distribution has proved popular all over the world, but new distribution projects are still appearing Some distributions are specialized and target one specific group of users perhaps scientists doing high-energy physics research, or the speakers of a minority language in a remote country where market failure has meant that proprietary software in the local language isn t available The majority of code in a GNU/Linux distribution tends to be released under the GNU GPL, but other programs are released under Berkeley or MIT-style licenses Some projects have written their own, unique Free Software licenses, but that practice tends to be discouraged nowadays because it can make combining code more complicated.

{ public var flexUnitTester:FlexUnitTester; } }

If those focal points coincide, the ellipse looks like a circle, but it is not a circle because its operations do not preserve the circle invariant Allow me to expand, rephrase, and with all due respect correct this sentence If the focal points of an ellipse value coincide, then that ellipse value is a circle value If an ellipse variable contains such an ellipse value, then in fact it contains a circle value However, that variable can of course be updated If, after such an update, the focal points of the ellipse value that is now the current value in that ellipse variable don t coincide, then the ellipse variable.

You can now run the test. Select the Run icon and then select FlexUnit Tests from the menu, as shown in Figure 1-6.

6. Of course, if some given operand to an update operation is never updated, the operation in question can be regarded as a read-only operation so far as that particular operand is concerned.

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